Saviors Day, Feb. 26, 2011

The law suit filed by Wallace Muhammad II is basically about: GREED and SELFISHNESS

Imam Mohammed Passed September 8, 2008 intestate or without a will. He did not leave behind large sums of money. He did not leave behind large amounts of property; basically, the only thing that he left behind other than certain personal effects and some small amounts of cash was his life’s work in the form of Intellectual property (a creation of an individuals intellect, an intangible asset from original creative thought) memorialized in his books, tapes, written and spoken documents etc. Those who followed him in the association that he created and guided were intellectually fed to the gills and have been placed on top of the Islamic, religious and secular world via of his teaching and guidance. He pointed the way to investment and entrepreneurship via of CPC, Collective Purchasing Conference, and GVB, Group Volume Buy, and Salaam Nutrition. He pointed the way to Education by establishing Clara Muhammad Schools. He pointed the way to Religion by his excellent model, love and devotion to Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), the Qur’an and Al Islam, he pointed the way to community life through his example and teachings.

Imam Mohammed did not leave a will and I personally believe that all that he did was by the will of Almighty G-d Allah including this matter before us. Since his passing, I’ve heard and witnessed many insulting, painful comments and expressions coming from Muslims that claim to be followers and supporters of Imam Mohammed. And in his namesake son’s avaricious appetite for material gain he chose to sue his own mother, brother, sisters nephews and slander the good name of his father all in hopes of lining his own pockets with wealth. There is not a financial benefit in the world that COULD cause me to put down my mother by filing a lawsuit against her and charge my honorable father over and over and over with the demeaning charge of:
_ “the Imam failed to exercise diligence to protect his rights …”_
while also stating in said lawsuit such disrespectable things as:
_ “…if for any reason the gift from the Imam to Plaintiff (Wallace) is ineffective because the Imam was mistaken regarding what he was to do to convey that property to plaintiff…”_ and “…Plaintiff (Wallace II) has been prejudiced by the Imam’s lack of diligence…” or statements like “…The Imam knew or should have known…”
Wallace’s willingness to trash his father and show him incompetent all in a selfish effort to keep from sharing any thing good and decent left behind by Imam Mohammed with those persons he loved and vowed a personal obligation to look out for.

To file a lawsuit against one’s mother in hope of gaining the financially good life is in itself a terrible deed. But what is worst are the atrocious lies and misrepresentations against his father, Imam Mohammed, that Wallace endorsed and supported in this suit--all in a selfish attempt to enrich himself at the expense of his own father, mother, brother, sisters, nephews and community. This is both unconscionable and unforgivable.

Now if Imam Mohammed stated in the Ramadan Session of 2005:
_ “The Mosque Cares is W. D. Mohammed and I have an obligation to look out for my family, my children. So I do not want the Mosque Cares to have everything. Maybe when I pass the courts will say the property belongs to the Mosque Cares and maybe the people who take over The Mosque cares may not be our friend. Who knows? They could sneak in. I mean our friend, your friend and my friend. I’m not JUST talking about family. I am talking about the community in association with my leadership.”_

Earlier the Imam said:
_ “My son (Wallace II) SELLS the publications. I gave him the BUSINESS after he proved over many years to be responsible and reliable… He SELLS for HIMSELF. It was my business, I gave it to him… I don’t know if you know this, but any speaker, if he speaks NO ONE CAN HAVE HIS WORDS IN PRINT OR ANY OTHER FORM LEGALLY without his permission…what comes out of my mouth is my property…I give it to the Mosque cares and I give it to my son…my son he has no right of possession UNLESS HE BUYS them from The Mosque Cares AND HE DOES…Then there are tapes that I give him if he ‘s not there…I give tapes to my son FOR HIM TO DISTRIBUTE…he is back in the position he was in many years ago with me, about 15 or 20 years ago and he is doing a very good job…”_

Here, Imam Mohammed is giving us a base line as to how to determine what is the position of Wallace II today. He is telling us that “he is back in the position he was in many years ago with me, about 15 or 20 years ago.” So to properly understand what it is that he wants for Wallace II today we need to ask ourselves the question, “what position was Wallace II in during the period of 1985 to 1990 (which was 15 or 20 years ago from 2005)?” During that time Wallace was selling the tapes and books of his father for his father’s business. He was not then nor is he now the owner of the “Intellectual property” of Imam W. D. Mohammed, he merely is selling the tapes and books of his father for himself in his own business AFTER FIRST PURCHASING THEM FROM THE MOSQUES CARES OR WDM MINNISTRY (Ramadan Session 2005: “…my son, he has no right of possession unless he buys them from The Mosques Cares and he does…”) Wallace II, no more owns the intellectual property of Imam Mohammed because he sells these items in his business than Sam Goody or the National Record Exchange Stores own the Intellectual property of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or the Beatles because they sell their recordings and writings as a business.

Now let’s analyze just what the Imam has instructed this community and his family to understand in light of the reality that we know:
1. We know that the Imam said:” I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO LOOK OUT FOR MY FAMILY, MY CHILDREN”. So to understand (his intent) what he was attempting to depart to this community we must ask the question, “Who is the Imam’s Family and who are his Children?” We are able to get the answer from when he said: “…maybe when I pass the courts will say the property belongs to ….” So the Imam is telling us that he recognizes the courts and we must abide by their rulings. Therefore the courts have ruled that his family (or his heirs) are Shirley Muhammad (the 30 year Islamically divorced wife) and Khadijah Siddeeq Mohammed his young widowed wife that he was married to and living with at the time of his passing and they are to share equally 50 % of his estate between the two of them or 25% a piece, his children, consisting of Wallace II, Laila, and N’gina or 3 from his first marriage. from his second marriage the court recognized one daughter, Bakeerah, and from another marriage the Court recognized, Mohammed Shakir, Dejah (khadijah), and Dorrie or 3 children. The Court also recognized the two children of Imam Mohammed’s deceased son Saudurdin, which makes a total of 9 children to divide the remaining 50 % of his estate or 5.5% a piece of what ever Imam Mohammed leaves behind.
2. So this is the “will or intent” of Imam Mohammed if we interpret what he has said as I have stated it.
3. Now, let’s look at Imam Mohammed’s will or intent using the mind of Wallace II and see if this makes any sense or resembles any kind of reasoning that we could associate with Imam Mohammed or any conscious G-d fearing person as far as that is concerned. Using Wallace’s understanding:
Wallace would retain that share of the business of selling and distributing the tapes and literature that Imam Mohammed gave to him as a personal business for himself which was known, recognized and honored by the entire Muslim community in association with Imam W. D. Mohammed.
Next Wallace II would now become the sole owner of the exclusive Intellectual property of Imam Mohammed which he (Imam Mohammed) and only he owned and had total control and ownership over until the day he died. All of the rest of the heirs are left to divide up between eleven people, including Wallace II, clothing, and a various personal items that were the personal property of Imam Mohammed and they would not receive one red cent or any property that could be redeemed for cash or some financial value. Now bear in mind, not the Imam’s divorced wife, not his Young Widowed wife none of their children, grand children etc would receive one penny if we interpret the Imam’s “will or intent” as Wallace II insists that we interpret it.

Now who in their right mind who knew Imam Mohammed could accept that this is what Imam Mohammed would want for his family and children or that this is what he meant when he said “I HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO LOOK OUT FOR MY FAMILY, MY CHILDREN!” And believe it or not there are Imams and so-called security brothers who (according to Wallace II) claim to have been close to Imam Mohammed who are willing to go to court to testify that this is the “will, intent and desire” of Imam Mohammed for his family and children. One hundred percent (100 %) or everything for Wallace and (0%) or nothing for anyone else… Now all of this is taking place while many of the so-called leadership in this community “walk on by on the other side”.

Something is very sick and wrong with the leadership of this community when so-called Imams can sit by and support this kind of sick reasoning and yet rush to the defense of a sovereign nation, such as Egypt, nearly 9000 miles away and abdicate our responsibility at home while claiming to be faithful Muslim followers of Imam W. D. Mohammed.

Any Muslim or Imam who continues to support Wallace Muhammad II on this issue and after this issue has to truly be blind and confused to what he/she professes to believe in as a Muslim.

Brother Muhammad Siddeeq