Charity Begins at Home and Spreads Abroad



_ January 17, 2012_

In reading the January 13th edition of Muslim Journal I was shocked to see on page 3 the bold headline of the national political educational organization established under the leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed stating “AMERICAN COALITION FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT CALLS FOR ECONOMIC SANCTIONS AGAINST SYRIA”. As I read further this article called for the intervention of the United States Government: The immediate stepping down of the Syrian President, the withdrawing of our ambassador and the expelling of the Syrian Government and for the U. S. to work unilaterally with our allied nations to apply economic sanctions on the Syrian Government until the Syrian Government elects new representation.

One of the problems as I see it with this kind of local reaction to a foreign sovereign nation is that Syria is nearly 9000 miles away from our nearest shore and we have no independent knowledge as to what precipitated this situation in Syria or what has continued to make it fester other than what we are told by the Western press and its sources. The same press told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction--which he didn’t--and that Colonel Qaddahfi was killing his people. They forgot to tell the world that the so called protesters were armed working as agents for France and the NATO oil thieves and that was why the “Libyan Rebels” took a stand. Nevertheless, they removed him (Qaddahfi) from power, (and savagely killed him) when in fact it was THE NATO WAR MACHINE behind this wicked power grab. This same Western press has no issue with Israel and its refusal to even admit that it has nuclear weapons nevertheless sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation Act or treaty and is totally silent on what happened in the massacre of Palestinians in the city of in Jenin and the assassination of the nuclear physicist in Iran and the stifling of the same attempts to establish a democratic government in those Arab Nations that do their dirty bidding.

Be all of that as it may be, the most troubling thing that concerns me is that this local group of Muslims associated with the community of Imam W. D. Mohammed--while stretching their support and influence across the seas into foreign shores and demanding selective change whether legitimate or illegitimate --this same organization that was born and raised on the wisdom and guidance of Imam W. D. Mohammed has of yet made a peep as to the so called leadership in this community that has just taken power over this community and violated every kind of civil rule of democratic principles that one can imagine. The Holy Quran tells us that the killing of one innocent person is as if you have killed all of society; so is this organization trying to tell us that they can see the injustices in Syria yet do not see any need to speak out against the injustices that are happening and continue to happen right up under their noses in the Mosques and Islamic Centers under the leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed? Do they recall a democratic election or ratification as recommended to us by Imam Mohammed to put in place the so called leadership in Chicago that they have supported and continue to support? Do they not see that the CPC Investors have not been given justice in the accounting for and use of their investments? Are they unaware of the status of Group Volume Buy and the W.D. Mohammed Community Center? Have they spoken out against that? Is it possible that they did not learn about the unjust treatment of the wife of Imam Mohammed after his death? Did they ever speak a public word of condemnation against those who perpetrated this terrible fraud? Are they not aware of the Probate case and the claims of Wallace Mohammed II that everything that was left by his father belongs solely to him? Have they called for transparency of the monies on hand, collected or spent since the passing of Imam Mohammed? Certainly there are clouds over some of this but they know more about this than they know about Syria, yet they have boldly spoken out against Syria and haven’t busted a grape when it comes to standing up and speaking out on things that are directly related to the welfare of this community and are right in their own back yard.

It is not for me to say that this honorable group of Muslims should not speak out on national or international events happening across our world, but to make the kind of bold and decisive demands from a sovereign foreign nation and not murmur a peep as to what is happening right up under their nose is either irresponsible or quite bias or strangely selective to their stated mission to say the least. Wisdom dictates that their charity is best served by starting at home then spreading abroad..

Brother Muhammad Siddeeq