Did They Hold Fast and did They Tarry? Have we Held Fast and Have we Tarried? (Remain Steadfast)



June 28, 2014

3:103 (Y. Ali) And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you: That ye may be guided.

20:10 (Y. Ali) Behold, he saw a fire: So he said to his family, "Tarry ye; I perceive a fire; perhaps I can bring you some burning brand therefrom, or find some guidance at the fire.

33:70 (Y. Ali) O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and (always) say a word directed to the Right

June 28, 2014

Dear Muslims, brothers and sisters,



In the city of Philadelphia--the city where the Honorable Elijah Muhammad sent his 7th child, Brother Wallace D. Mohammed, to be his residential Minister for the Nation of Islam and the City that was the Capital of the United States when the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were signed and was the home of the Nation of Islam’s Temple #12--the believing followers of Imam W. D. Mohammed bought and remodeled a building investing over one million dollars. This building is called Masjiduallah which literally translates into a prayer house or place of worship for the creator, Allah. But is it? Or was it dedicated properly to testify of its name and purpose?

The opening invitational ceremony began on Thursday, June 19, 2014 and Jumah Prayer was given by Imam Siraj Wahaj on Friday. Imam Siraj has been a prolific speaker throughout America and around the world. However, the one thing I remember about Imam Siraj and would like to see reconciled is his relentless and vicious slanderous attack on Imam W. D. Mohammed in the early 1980s. However long ago that has been, he has until this very day refused to correct the lies, distortions and misinformation he used against Imam Mohammed. He claims he is sorry for this attack but refuses to go back over the same ground he used in making the attack and categorically, point by point, retract, record and publish his so-called correction of this matter as he methodically, point by point laid out his relentless attack.

In this same city, Philadelphia, is the Nation of Islam Temple #12 which has on the back of its Final Call Newspaper point #12. This, when it is read, would make it necessary for a reconciliation if there ever were such a need. “RECONCILIATION” was the blazon headline of the advertisement on the back of the Muslim Journal Newspaper with the picture of my dear friend and former mentor, Minister Louis Farrakhan, who was invited to give the keynote address on Saturday. Also on this Masjid’s website is a big picture of Imam Siraj and a complimentary bio extolling some of his work in Al Islam. And I must admit that Imam Siraj, too, was my good friend in the New York Temple of Islam--that is until he chose to take a Jumah Prayer service to scorn and malign with lies and false information whom I believe was/is the most honorable and outstanding Imam since the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Imam W. D. Mohammed. Yet he was chosen to give the first khutbah for the opening of this Masjid.

At the Banquet dinner, Saturday evening, under the theme of “RECONCILIATION” Minister Farrakhan was chosen to deliver the keynote address for this grand opening. The beautiful thing that I learned about Minister Farrakhan over the years, as my first Islamic teacher, is that he stands fast on what he believes and he teaches the same to those who would hear and take heed. So, consequently, being a dedicated student of his under the leadership of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I have never forsaken that principle that he taught me and many, many others. In fact, in his reconciliation speech in Philadelphia he again reminded the audience: Don’t tell me that “Allah is The Power” and you’re afraid, now, to speak truth to the powers that be! Either He is in your life or He’s not, because this is no game to be played today! I don’t believe he had this type of response in mind nor does it do me joy to be put in the position to demonstrate that I have not forgotten nor will I forsake this powerful and challenging obligation that he instilled in me.

Though I have only seen small quotes from Imam Siraj’s Khutbah for this grand opening, if he were true to form, he gave a very devout and inspirational talk. But for whatever the reason, Imam Siraj gives plenty of excellent talks yet can’t seem to find the strength or will to undo the terrible lies and injustices he heaped upon Imam Mohammed via of a Jumah Khutbah some years ago, released AROUND THE WORLD as an audio recording and transcribed in Saudi Arabia by his friend Bilal Phillips as a written document and distributed all around the world by so called Muslim book stores and suppliers. Till this day he hasn’t made any effort to take this slander out of circulation.

Before going any further I want to make it crystal clear that I love Minister Farrakhan and will continue to defend and support all of the good he has done for me, my family and thousands of others in the past and is doing today; so my speaking out on the meeting in Philadelphia is no cheap attempt to belittle him. However, as a sincere believer in Allah and a faithful student of Prophet Muhammad via of Imam W. D. Mohammed, understanding that this is not a political game of appeasement or a challenge to a most outstanding and wonderful friend whom I disagree with on the basis of principle, I/we are obligated to ask the question: “should we believers in association with Imam W.D. Mohammed invite speakers to commemorate the opening of a Masjid who are not in accord with Imam Mohammed on what he believed, taught and demonstrated throughout his life”? It is a question on a principle so serious that I believe, I am as much compelled to defend it as I believe, know and understand it, as my dear friend Minister Farrakhan believes he must defend the way he understands it. So this writing is not something that I enjoy doing but this is something that my convictions and beliefs as a Muslim demand that I do.

In reality neither Minister Farrakhan nor Imam Siraj should bear the burden of my critical analysis for it is the sleepy leadership in Philadelphia who in my opinion are at fault--if the reader agrees there is fault. I am not saying that these two outstanding Muslims should not be in on the intra faith Islamic dialogue throughout America, but under their peculiar circumstances, should either one of these respected men be chosen for this specific occasion? It is Almighty G’d Allah that instructs the believers to build a prayer house for the true worship of Him so this occasion DEMANDS clarity of belief, “There is but ONE G’D ALLAH AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER”. The occasion of dedicating a Prayer house for ALLAH cannot be dedicated by anyone who does not clearly and specifically accept that idea with no hesitation, revisionism, compromise or ambiguity. Nor should this prayer house, inspired by the life’s work of Imam W.D Mohammed be opened with a khutbah by one who took a Jumah Khutbah to viciously and falsely condemn the very one who made this achievement possible in America and REFUSES to retract point by point the lies he heaped upon Imam Mohammed in his then given Friday Khutbah. If we truly understand what Imam Mohammed taught us we should clearly understand that there cannot be a haze over our belief in Allah the Creator of All of the Worlds (who is not “allah” who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad) whom we love and appreciate for his concern and work here in America) nor the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who will always hold a special and dear place in our hearts, minds and history (but is not “THE UNIVERSAL ETERNAL MESSENGER OF ALLAH”). If we are to be true to what Imam Mohammed lived and sacrificed his life for, then this is the position WE MUST TAKE, stand up for and must be willing to DIE for before we compromise ONE SCINTILLA OF ground for anyone or anything that does not follow or respect this in its proper form and revelation. To accept anything less than this is SHIRK (disbelief) and disrespect to Imam W. D. Mohammed and all that he taught us over the years that he was physically present with us. The Qur’an teaches us that there is no compulsion in Al Islam, so whenever we extend an invitation to a person of a different persuasion where religious matters and belief principles are involved, we must be savvy enough not to see that person as we desire to see them but to see and accept them where they are. One thing about Minister Farrakhan is he did not back away from what he believes despite the fact that he was surrounded by and seriously out numbered by Muslims who were not in agreement with his beliefs or the positions that he refuses to back away from. I can say the same about Imam Siraj. Allah says in his Qur’an that there is no compulsion in religion and they as well as any others are entitled to take that position if they so desire to. But shouldn’t we, the Imams and members of Imam W. D. Mohammed’s community, have the same type of commitment on what we believe is true and is the right and proper manner of worship? Why do we believe that we must compromise our belief when Minister Farrakhan stood like a soldier beside and upon his beliefs? And Imam Siraj, when he felt he was compelled to attack and malign Imam Mohammed unmercifully, did not shrink from the task though it was Jumah prayer time?

Minister Farrakhan opened up his talk by saying
“… I could never thank Allah enough for His merciful intervention in our affairs in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad…” Now that is no different than any other speech he has given around the world; so he is being upfront and consistent to what he believes. So now, why should we be any different? Why should we feel that we have to accept for the opening of a Masjid what Allah tells us in the Qur’an is unacceptable? Imam Mohammed has taught and trained literally thousands of excellent Imams and speakers! Why couldn’t we have found one of these imams to open up a Masjid in the city where Imam Mohammed personally paved the way for Al Islam in its pristine purity, then invite these brothers to participate with us on another type of occasion if those in Philadelphia so desired? Bear in mind the city of Philadelphia is full of Imam Mohammed’s supporters who sacrificed to build this masjid because of their dedication to what Imam Mohammed has taught them.

Now this whole program was about reconciliation. So one would think that the ones who need to reconcile would step up to the plate and make that fact known. In fact, Allah tells us that he will forgive us for any sin other than setting up partners beside him. Nowhere in the Qur’an does Allah compromise this idea, so why should we? Allah also admonishes us to speak a word directed to the truth when we know it…so he will forgive us for any wrong we have done. Why not just come before the people, Imam Siraj, and tell them the truth about what you falsely put on the page of history about Imam Mohammed? Why not open up your talk, Minister Farrakhan, without a reference to Allah coming in the person of Master Fard Muhammad? Well, these two giants of men refuse to compromise their beliefs and that is admirable in that they stand by what they believe in, but is it what we should accept for opening up a masjid founded on principles that are 100% adverse to their stated beliefs and actual behavior?

Again I state for the record that Minister Farrakhan is my friend and has been so for nearly 50 years. It was he who taught me to stand firm on my convictions and belief and if I see him in err then not to join him but to pull him back from it--and till my dying day I will do just that. I say this as his friend. For him, his beautiful family, and his steadfast followers who know the love and honor he has shown for me and read this type of writing but are not strong enough to rationally and objectively understand that this is not an attack upon the Minister, but a communication between two brothers who love and respect one another and will not compromise on what they perceive and understand Allah has given us for our salvation, praying that Allah will open the other’s blinded eyes.

I was not in attendance when the Minister spoke in Philadelphia, but on the website for the Final call I read the transcript of his speech and if this reporting is accurate that is what I am addressing.
Reconciliation dear people is :

  • to settle (a quarrel or difference)
  • to make (two apparently conflicting things) compatible or consistent with each other

The only difference or conflicting thing we have with Minister Farrakhan is point #12 on the back of the Nation of Islam’s Newspaper where it states that “…Allah came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad”. Again there is no compulsion in Al Islam so why would any Muslim who understands his religion invite a speaker to open a Masjid who accepts a principle of worship that the Qur’an condemns?

Another point that I will not accept is the trivializing or the minimizing the divinely guided work of Imam W. D. Mohamed (intentionally or unintentionally)i.e. Minister Farrakhan stated: “…so I thank Allah for Imam W.D. Mohammed, the son of Elijah Muhammad, who had a very specific work to do that would put us further on the path of the universality of The Teachings”. The teachings? What Teachings? The term “The teachings” had always referred to the lessons and instructions coming out of the Nation of Islam and that was not the work that Imam Mohammed was guided to perform. And the rank and file of Minister Farrakhan’s FOI will tell you when talking with them that Imam Mohammed had a special work to perform and they will go on to tell you that that special work was to destroy the Nation of Islam. Now I am not trying to destroy the good relationship that was achieved at this historic gathering; in fact, it is my lifetime ambition to bring all of us together as one, but not with shrewd subtle ambiguous terminologies and unacceptable beliefs and language that Allah has condemned in his Qur’an. What’s really troubling is that not one of those brothers and sisters, members of Masjiuallah would even know what a Masjid was if it were not for Imam Mohammed. So we who love, respect, and honor the work and sacrifice that Allah inspired Imam W. D. Mohammed to do cannot and will not cave in for any personal selfish gain or to tease out a smile on some powerful eloquent speaker’s face.

Again, Minister Farrakhan clearly admonished the wide awake person to: ‘Keep our duty as it ought to be kept’. On this occasion did we do that? Can we close our eyes and overlook what Imam Mohammed refused to over look and be faithful to that command? It is true that Imam Mohammed loved Minister Farrakhan from the time he first met him but what the Minister did not say and I am compelled to say is that Imam Mohammed loved Almighty G’d Allah and the Qur’an more than he loved Minister Farrakhan and said many times that THE UNITY OF MUSLIMS IS BASED ON “LA ELA HAA ILL LA LA”. There is but ONE G’D ALLAH, NOT ONE WHO CAME IN THE PERSON OF MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD. This was Imam Mohammed’s response to a question put to him publicly about our two communities uniting and coming together.

Dear people, we can build the most beautiful palatial buildings and call them a Masjid or we can continue worshiping in store fronts. If that ornate and luxurious building is not built and dedicated on the principle of Taqwa, what good is it? Give me the store front that upholds the word of Allah revealed to this last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and that follows devoutly the divinely guided words of Imam W. D. Mohammed that were chosen by Allah to lead and guide HUMANITY in this troubling time and into the future.

I close this article by admonishing those who read and buy into the idea quoted, recorded, published and attributed to one of the attendees of this grand occasion: “The Muslims are simply trying to put Philadelphia back where it used to be as a strong and vibrant Black economic powerhouse”.

Now if this program were for the opening of a bank or some business entity, that may be correct. But in the city where Imam W. D. Mohammed opened the hearts of the people for Al-Islam and paved the way for a prayer house for Allah to finally be established we as Muslims should nowhere, no way, no how see the opening of a Masjid under the leadership of Imam W. D. Mohammed in some narrow materialistic race based unislamic idea that Imam Mohammed years ago moved away from and condemned as being unworthy as a goal for Muslims establishing a Prayer House for Allah and receive PARADISE FOR SURE.
Thank you for taking time to read this article

Your Brother
Muhammad Siddeeq