Oh ye of little understanding, wake up and smell the dates


June 16, 2015

In studying the history of our great and honorable prophet we learn a lot of wonderful things. We learn how patient he was with those who disrespected him--how tolerant he was with those who maligned him. We learn how merciful he was with those who attacked him. We learned how wise he was with those who sought to discredit him, and the list goes on and on. The beautiful thing about this great model is that Almighty G-d Allah did not leave us to try to understand how this great man undertook this type of loving and exemplary leadership nearly 1500 years ago… To keep that model fresh and alive for all people and for all times he inspired a devout and dedicated servant model who loved the prophet so much in this modern day that he brought the very essence of the Prophet into existence in the 20th and 21st century here in America, in the life example of Imam W.D. Mohammed for those who believe and strive to see and emulate.

Imam Mohammed has been maligned, libeled, condemned, criticized, attacked all because he wants the world to know that “there is but one G-d Allah and Prophet Mohammed is his Messenger.” So how can any muslim in association with Imam W. D. Mohammed know these rich and precious histories and not understand the price we must be willing to pay if we are to undertake the mission of lifting up G-d’s name in this world where those who rule it and are running things do not respect us?

For nearly two years now I have been blessed due to the charitable spirit of our hard working and dedicated Imam Michael Saahir who asked me to accept his invitation to the Sean Hannity Show. From that initial invitation I have been invited back on well over a dozen times and have been flown to New York twice and invited on other occasions when I could not make it due to sickness.

The name of the game for national TV is ratings, ratings, ratings…. So the host of these programs are going to do what they believe is in the best interest of getting those much needed ratings. Sadly, I have read a few comments of Muslims who either don’t know the history of our Prophet and our Imam and do not understand the work we are attempting to perform in this challenging society that we do not own an inch of. Now if this work is making me sick as one of my “concerned” critics noted, and I am reaching the people performing it as we all are suppose to, would I be the first Muslim to die for the cause of Al Islam? Whether I live or die doing this work is not left up to me, that is solely in Allah’s Hands and I have nothing to do with that. “My life and My death is all for Allah”.

So please, Brothers and Sisters, do not read this article with the mind set that I am hurt by the criticism… To the contrary I am inspired by them because if this is how they see and understand our work in America today, something needs to be written or said to help them see the bigger picture:

Muhammad Siddeeq on Sean Hannity a 3rd time. Same old format. Sean talks over Siddeeq when he tries to explains himself, and Sean lets the other guest takes his time to explain himself. Why do Siddeeq continue to come on Sean's show I don't know. Sean is not going to change his devil stripes or be civil.

Muhammad Siddeeq was on Foxes Shun Hannity show again tonight with 2 other guests. Shun let the other guests lead out with their comments first by asking them what do they think behind a clip that was shown. They had all of the time they needed to elaborate their views without any interruptions from Shun. After that then Shun ask Siddeeq a specific question coming from the same talking points about 72 virgins and wanting Siddeeq to pigeon hole his response a certain way. As soon as Siddeeq didn't respond a certain way Shun cut into Siddeeq response, not giving him a chance to elaborate, unlike the other guests, Shun treated them like real guests with courtesy. At one point even, Shun and one of the other guest cut Into Siddeeq response at the same time.

It's time to reach out to Siddeeq to advise him to never accept another invitation to Shun's show again. Sean/Shun is nothing but swine and Siddeeq shouldn't be trying to caste pearls to swine. Sometimes the ends one seek, integrity shouldn't be sacrificed to get there by any means. Foxes Sean Hannity show is not a good means to get to that end. What we have is too dignified to be accepting an invitation to get on a show such as Sean/Shun Hannity. Let Shun find someone else to use to whip up on. He only uses Muslim guest to whip up on in front of his viewers.

ASA, did anyone see the interview tonight with Sean Hannity & Imam Muhammad Siddeeq? It seems he was more nervous this time then he was the last time.

Imam Muhammad Siddeeq was in the lions den on Sean Hannity again tonight. It was a panel of about 20 people for the whole hour. It was a bunch of cross talk and from the appearance of Siddeeq, that show is very stressful for him trying to make a point. And being in that hostile atmosphere, with the constant attacks on al-Islam, I don't think it's good for Siddeeq's health.

Now lets put this all into perspective:

Muslim Journal lists somewhere between 300 and 400 places where one can buy a Journal Newspaper. The exact amount of papers in circulation per week was not listed. On the Muslim 360 Program a little over a year ago the Editor declined to answer that question, so we can only guess. Based on what I have witnessed in my travels I would say that it is a generous guess to say that each state is averaging no more than 50 papers per state or 2500 papers max across the country--if that many.

Now this calculation is not meant as a criticism of the Journal but an attempt to establish some statistical data.

If we only reach 2500 people weekly with our message of Islam and the numbers have not increased significantly over the last 5 years or so, how are we to grow? Atlanta Georgia is about the most populous Masjid in our association and the rest are averaging 40 to 50 people for each Jumah and of that number only about 5 are non Muslims. Taking these unscientific numbers and multiplying them by 52 then the average Masjid will host at most, around 200 visitors per year. Multiply that by about 100 Masjids (Masajid) in our association that means we are reaching about 20,000 people max each year across this entire country. And of the 20,000 only about 1 percent or 200 will take their shahada. So as the old problem book said, what means and methods must we use to awaken the “Uncle of W. D. Mohammed’s and remove his rusty lock?”

One trip to the Hannity Show reaches over 3 million people per show and the show repeats at least twice in the Midwest and can be seen on line and through other media sources and is seen all around the world in many of the industrial countries. So any Imam or person who appears on this type of media has already spoken to more people during one shown than we are going to speak to from our humble Centers for the next 50 years using our present methodology and at our present rate of prostyltizing. Let’s say that 90 percent of the people who tune in don’t like or respect us…. But 10 percent do, that’s still 300,000 people that we will be addressing in one viewing which is more than we are averaging in 10 years.

In closing this article I would like to reflect on our prophet.

The distance from Medina to Mecca is 273 miles one way and 546 miles round trip.

The prophet and the believers walked to Mecca only to be disrespected, talked down to and told to go home and come back next year. Did the Prophet allow the disrespect and rejection cause him to give up on the bigger goal and objective? No, he simply kept his eye on his mission and continued in his most humble and honorable role and the next time he came to Mecca he came in to 100 percent respect and acceptance because he did not let his pride get in the way of his good sense and faith in Allah.

Brother Muhammad Siddeeq