JUNE 27, 2016

Words can’t express and the imagination can’t perceive the love, the honor, the respect, the admiration and clamor shared around the world for the man known as Muhammad Ali. From Africa, across Europe, the middle east through Australia and on and on and on, the tributes rolled in …. Never ending and constantly coming. Herald by kings, presidents, potentates, legislatures, men, women, and children alike extolling the virtues of this eternal champion. Oh, he was a great fighter--but the world has seen many great fighters. He also was handsome--and the world has seen many a handsome man … he could amaze you with words--and still there are thousands of men, women and children who have the gift of speech. So what was it that made this giant so remarkable, so revered, so loved, and so admired that he caught the attention of the entire world? I listened intently to one speaker after the other attempting to solve this mystery, yet despite the greatness of the speaker and the kind and wonderful words they shared none of them seemed to know just what that secret ingredient was that made the entire world stand still the moment it was known that Muhammad Ali had died.

As I listened to the words being shared by those chosen to speak my mind went back in time to the loud mouthed, unsophisticated, country-like young man who was an embarrassment to those who just wished that he would shut up and box. They didn’t revere him as eloquent, in fact, they called him what my mother used to call me when she had had enough of my ranting… the lip….. the Louisville lip and this was not said in adoration or respect it was said with the spirit of demeaning and of condemnation for one who those around him were just fed up with hearing his braggadocios mouth. So how did that change?…. What happened that this obnoxious young braggart evolved from that primitive state to the most loved and honored human being in the world in the 20th and 21st century? And Muhammad Ali? Who is that or where did that name come from? All we knew back then was Cassius. Cassius Clay, in fact, Cassius Marcellus Clay was some Caucasian politician and abolitionist from the early 19th century--maybe a good man but not one that historians have remembered…. So again where did this greatness come from? And why has no one attempted to solve this riddle relating to the greatness and metamorphosis of Cassius Clay to the world’s eternal champion Muhammad Ali?

Let’s just take a trip down memory lane to see if we can put this puzzle together. Let’s start with Brother Sam, better known as Captain Sam. Oh man, who is that? Well, we definitely know about the Caucasian policeman who directed Cassius to boxing after his bike was stolen. Then why is it we do not know who Capt. Sam is? Brother Sam--who is also known as Captain Sam and, now, Brother Rahman--by chance met this wild off the hook youngster in Miami, Florida while he was training for a fight. And it was reported that this young man had heard the words of a fiery spokesman for the Nation of Islam under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad.. These words were so powerful that a talented fellow member of this “cult”--as it was known to the rank and file Caucasian citizens and “the Nation” as it was known to the brothers and sisters in the hood--had put Minister Malcolm’s words to a song and thus was born Bro Louis X’s aka Min. Farrakhan’s “the white man’s heaven is a black man’s hell.” Upon meeting Capt. Sam, Cassius began to recites those words and thus a friendship and relationship began to develop between the two. Brother Sam did what members of the Nation of Islam were doing across America and that was inviting our people out to the Temple to hear the teaching of the “little lamb without spot or blemish”--The Honorable Elijah Muhammad--and so quietly and secretively Cassius began to learn and study the teaching of Elijah Muhammad.

Over time Cassius met Malcolm X and also was taken to meet The Honorable Elijah Muhammad . For the first time in the life of this young man was he given insights that gave direction and purpose to his prolific speech. For the first time in his life the meaningless irritating rambling was finding precision, direction and purpose. His mind was now being turned on with a vision--no longer was his speech aimless he had now found a purpose, he now had been informed of truths that gave direction to what formerly was empty rhetoric. He was not only given words to speak but also he was given a model to emulate and follow and a mission to achieve. The world may recall and history records that as a newly evolved Cassius Clay moved to the dignified title of Muhammad Ali given to him by Mr. Elijah Muhammad, still the world was not in admiration of him or what he was espousing. They criticized his refusal to be drafted into the US. Army and they criticized his speaking out against racial oppression of his people and they criticized this newly acquired name. Much of his speech now though true and fiery irked and pissed off 99 percent of those who encountered him or heard him speak… So again I ask how did this civilizing refinement take place in the heart and mind of this repugnant wild untamed young man?

I listened closely to the official and the unofficial conversations being batted around as one person after the other attempted to take credit for an evolution that they in all reality had absolutely nothing to do with. It was an equal opportunity social kidnapping. The high profile VIP’s, the high profile athletes, the high profile religious leaders--Christian, Jews and Muslims alike--all trying to take a bow and take credit for the final stage of the remarkable miracle that was to become the beloved honored and universally revered Muhammad Ali.

To solve the riddle one need only to look to the history of the Nation of Islam in America, the beloved spiritual home of Muhammad Ali, and the direction it was going in and how it miraculously got turned around and put on the path of universal Al Islam.

From 1930 until 1975 the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had a specific direction and goal and it was not until the manifesting of the one person who was spoken of from the time he was developing in the womb of his mother that it became crystal clear that something divine was taking place in America--bigger than boxing, bigger than black consciousness, bigger than civil rights, bigger than integration--more important than anything that had happened in this world since the 7th century. An advent spoken of in scripture, all scriptures, and anticipated and longed for over the centuries….. A child was born…Yes, brothers and sisters, a child was born ….born to bring about a deliverance, born to fulfill prophecy, and born to remake the world born to put that biblical rejected stone in its divinely ordained place. What can be more powerful than the guidance of G’d? What can be more earth shaking than the Creator’s inspiration upon the heart and mind of one who had submitted his entire will to live and die for the cause of G-d. This is what this great miracle is trying to tell the world….Certainly we join in with the world showing love and honor to Muhammad Ali but don’t miss the big message dear people don’t see this outpouring as something pointing to Muhammad Ali as the purpose. Muhammad Ali is a sign as have been all of the great African American Stars lifted up and given fame and fortune in America…..All of them are a sign that something great is happening (and has happened) in America that deserves the attention of the world….. Almighty G-d Allah used these achievers to make a greater point that only the wise will see, recognize, and understand; and to make sure that the world does not miss what it is all about. G’d forces you to have to reconcile how this hated and maligned loud mouthed draft dodger becomes the darling of the entire world…..3rd grade Georgia born dropout Elijah Muhammad being inspired by G’d gave Cassius Clay the honorable dignified name of Muhammad Ali. Yet still he had not entered the 3rd stage of his rocket-like evolution into respected fame.

Who refined him? Who removed the racist tone from his speech? Who sophisticated him to love, honor, and respect all races, all religions, all humanity? Who gave him the will and the spirit to walk away from the old Nation of Islam’s teachings rooted in separation, racial preference, male chauvinism, mythological theories?…..The same one who miraculously stepped up to the plate at the passing of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and redirected nearly 1 million followers, sympathizers, and friends of the Nation of Islam towards the pure and unadulterated Universal teaching of Al Islam. Yes brothers and sisters, Warithul Deen Muhammad--a name that literally means the inheritor of the faith…..THE INHERITOR OF THE FAITH….It was to this one whom Muhammad Ali publicly pledged his love and support to at the passing of his former leader, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This new leader, this new direction: the new spirit of faith. And with this pledge and with the guidance coming from the esteemed leadership of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, over a million of descendants’ from ex slaves were given a new wholesome and respected direction, were given new guidance, were given a true and honorable hope for salvation and a meaningful life in the country that had once enslaved them and now was becoming the foundation for a new beginning as equal citizens under the law with the hope for a most glorious future in our country the United States of America.

So brothers and sisters, THIS is the part of the Muhammad Ali memorial service that was missing (by some) …. Missing because it was not to be seen with an eye of racism, worldliness or hatred; it was not to be seen from the political view point of Times Square or from Holly wood; it was not to be seen through the prism of BET, FOX NEWS, CNN, or the national and international news. It was not to be seen in the sport and play of the super bowl or the world series, the world cup or in the historic back drop of the river Thames; it was not to be seen as a tourist enticement at the Taj Mahal or the Wailing Wall. It was only to be seen by those persons--Muslim, Jewish , Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Quaker etc.--who have submitted their whole self to the Lord of the Worlds, who Love G’d with all of their heart and soul and are committed to live out that love striving to bring about freedom, justice, and equality for all of G’d’s creation on this earth regardless of race, creed, color or religion, this is what refined and dignified Muhammad Ali and gave him a character that the entire world could finally honor and respect….If you see and understand this, then you have broken the riddle--or the secret--to the world bowing down to Muhammad Ali because, after all, Muhammad Ali did not represent himself…. He was and is a servant of G’d and his life points to the miracle that happened and is happening in America for thousands of Muslims who have traveled this same path that has changed and will change and guide the entire world--the world who saw him light a physical torch but perhaps missed Almighty G’d ALLAH’s bigger message in this noble ritual: A message from The Lord of the Worlds that He is using His servant MUHAMMAD,(not the individual but the type) one worthy of praise, via the children of the ex slaves in America to turn the divine light of revealed truth on in America for the entire world to see, hear, witness, experience and be a part of.

May Almighty G’d Allah’s Peace and Blessing be upon all who take time to read and understand this sincere and humble message.

Thank you.
Brother Muhammad Siddeeq
Imam in Association with The Community of the Honorable Imam W. D. Mohammed