We remember our Beloved, Muhammad Siddeeq 1937 - 2019

With Allah’s Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer.
We bear witness that there is no G-d but the One G-d, the Creator of All, whom we know by the name of Allah.
We bear witness that Muhammad Ibn Abdullah was the Seal of the line of Prophets sent to Mankind by Allah, with the Qur’an (final divine revelation) and a most excellent model of conduct. Prophets that include Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, and Jesus the Son of Mary, May Allah’s Eternal Peace and Blessings forever be upon them all.
We, the Family of Brother Muhammad Siddeeq, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother, son, friend, uncle, cousin, Imam, dedicated and tireless supporter of the late Imam W. D. Mohammed and his leadership, fellow clergy, educator, leader, foot soldier, energetic spirit of justice, co-worker, and tireless and firm voice for so many communities throughout the years, hereby announce that our beloved has resigned himself from this life on yesterday, July 27, 2019, after 82 years of consistency, the last 10 years giving the myeloma form of cancer all it could take, passing from this world with his family and loved ones at his side, to take a position with the Creator.
On behalf of his wife of 54 years, Fareedah, and his 20 children (he is preceded in death by one son, Qaadir, and one grandson, Basil), dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren, and extended family, we thank you for your wonderful outpourings of love and respect for our beloved Muhammad, and we appreciate all you share. We have scheduled a Tuesday, July 30, 2019, Janaza service, at 11am. At this time, due to accessibility challenges, the Janaza prayer service location has been changed, and will no longer be at Masjid Al-Fajr. The new location is Martin University, 2186 N Sherman Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46218, in their Fr. Boniface
Harding “Gathertorium”. It is a main building with a globe like architectural feature. We will have a light meal offered at the same location beginning at 3pm, after the internment. A community gathering will be held at the same location from 3pm to 5pm, to remember our Brother and fellowship with each other. Food will be served.
Please visit to stay updated on any updates or changes.

An interesting note about Martin University, it was founded by the late Reverend Father Boniface Hardin, a tireless and distinguished worker and educator, who was also a close personal friend to Brother Muhammad Siddeeq and the Muslim community, and a photo of Imam W. D. Mohammed is on the 2nd floor hall of the Gathertorium building.
Internment is to be at Crown Hill Cemetery, 700 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

Any gifts or well wishes can be sent to c/o:
Siddeeq Family, P.O. Box 831564, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083
Zelle donations can be transferred to 6786075562.
Call us at ‪(317) 500-4375 with any questions or email us at‬

Martin University
2186 N Sherman Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Contact us at 317.917.3308.
Location and Directions
Martin University is located in Indianapolis, Indiana minutes from downtown on the near east side.
Travel on Sherman Drive (southwest corner of East 22nd St. and Sherman Drive) If traveling East on I-70 Take I-70 East to Indianapolis, exit at the Rural/Keystone, Exit 85A
If traveling west on I-70 exit at the Keystone Avenue exit. The Campus is located approximately one mile east of Keystone Avenue.

For those who may not be able to travel to Indianapolis for the Janaza salat,
And who may want to pray janaza for our Brother Muhammad Siddeeq, the following janaza salat al-gha’ib (funeral prayer in absence of body) have been planned, please contact those locations for more details.

Location of other prayer services outside of Indianapolis, IN: Masjid Al-Muminun, Atlanta, Georgia , July 30, 11am. for more info... or call

If anyone knows of any others, please email us at the email address above and we will include it on this list. Insha Allah. Please let us know so we can include them on this list. So far, we know the following such event will take place:

In addition to all of you from all around the world, we thank Allah for the wonderful professionals at Community Hospital North, Dr. Wu and Dr. Wang-Joy in particular, the excellent leadership of Imam Saahir and Imam Shaheed from Masjid An Nur, the generous leadership of Masjid Al Fajr, the wonderful people at Martin University for their support, and Mr. M. Boatright of the Boatright Funeral home for his support. G-d Bless.

Insha Allah